"To foster peace, one friend at a time."

World Friendship Center was founded by Barbara Reynolds on August 7th, 1965
(20 years after the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima)
to provide a place where people from many nations can meet,
share their experiences and reflect on peace.

World Friendship Center has continued Barbara's vision of serving the Hiroshima community
and visitors to the city in a variety of ways.


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Jessica (USA)

April 2018

Staying here definitely adds to the experience of visiting Hiroshima.

Dannie and Barb were a wealth of knowledge and eager to share and give you as much (or as little) additional information as you want. What an honor to have the opportunity to hear a hibakusha tell his story! Only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time.

So glad to support the mission of this place by staying! Thank you again!

Michaela & Felix (Czech Republic & Germany)

April 2018

Cannot express sufficiently how much this meant for us. We’ll try to spread the message and hope that many will follow. Thanks for the intense experience.  

Bethany (UK)

April 2018

We felt so welcomed and comfortable at the WFC.
An interesting and thought provoking stay, a unique chance to learn more about Japan’s past and hear personal stories.
Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Amilie (Germany)

March 2018

Thank you for our lovely stay here in WFC!
We were very moved and touched by the hibakusha story as well as the wonderful Peace Park tour.
Thank you for making such experiences possible!

Susan & Len (USA)

November 2017

What a great way to learn the lessons of Hiroshima – by connecting with bomb survivors and people committed to nuclear disarmament. Plus, the hospitality was great and the accommodations comfortable. I would love to come back! Thank you, Barb & Dannie!

Latest News

Fun Time in English — June


Date: June 24, 2017

Time: 1:30-3:30PM

Participation Fee: 500yen

Place: WFC


Enjoy a talk by Lindsey, our intern, on the Maasai people of East Africa.  For hundreds of years, the Maasai people have had a complex relationship with lions. However, with lion populations drastically dwindling, the Maasai have adapted from their roles as hunters to protectors of the African lions.


Our second hour will be a cooking demonstration of Yu Lin Chi (Chinese Fried Chicken with special sauce) and, of course, eating the finished product!


Please join us! Please tell us by June 22 if you plan to join us.


Fun Time in English — May


Date: May 27, 2017

Time: 1:30-3:30PM

Participation Fee: 500 yen

Place: WFC


Come meet Josie Blumberg, a new intern at WFC. She will tell us about the swing dance called the Lindy Hop. This dance was a cultural phenomenon in the United States, breaking through the race barrier when segregation was prevalent.

Our second hour will involve a dumpling (gyoza) cooking demonstration and, of course, eating the finished product!


Please join us! Please tell us by May 25 if you plan to join us.


Korean-PAX Welcome Potluck Party


Date: Thursday, May 4

Time: 13:00~16:00

Place: Living room of WFC



Welcome Greetings from Maggie or Bernd & from Nanako Yamaashi
Self-introductions of delegates

13:15  Lunch

Peace Choir
Dance by Tuesday class

Presentation of each organization
Getting to know each other

16:00  Closing address by Jim Ronald


We hope to see you!

Please tell us by April 25 if you plan to join us.