Yu-Ai July issue 2018 — Mirabelle Chen

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Yu-ai Friendship
Newsletter of the World Friendship Center, NPO


Experience& mini Report of internship at WFC

Mirabelle Chen


After a week of delay of my arrival and all the hustle from my visa, I finally arrived in World Friendship Center in Hiroshima on a sunny afternoon on May 20th and began my amazing six-weeks experience.

For two weeks after my arrival, I had to skype in for my Japanese crush course at 6 am in the morning. Even though it was only a 8 weeks course, I still learnt quite some Japanese—it was worth it totally.

I absolutely loved my one-week experience at Peace Culture Village. People today talk about peace all the time, but do they really know what peace is? As an experimental community, PCV gets people into thinking about what peace actually means. Usually, there’re guests coming and going, either staying at PCV for a night or only participate in daytime works; this week, with Mr.Steven Leeper and some other directors and staffs gone, it was only me and Mary Popeo in the village–but we still had an amazing time, and I have much thank for her patience and understanding(my extreme fear of insects, nameless bugs, etc.)! Growing up in Beijing, which is a big city, I’ve barely had any chance to actually live in the countryside and there’re lots of things that are new and interesting for me: going to sleep with the sound of frogs on a summer night; waking up by the chicken and the sunlight; planting and eating our own crops for meals…everything was exciting and brand new for me.

I can’t thank WFC and Shudo University enough for giving me the incredible opportunity to join their English class. On Monday and Thursday mornings, I go there to help with their English class, and on Wednesday in the afternoon to join the English Communication and Chat Club. They are mostly freshmen students with English majors. Looking at them reminded me of myself  5 years ago in a high school classroom–a girl with poor English, too shy to speak with foreigners, always nervous when asked a question in class–and that makes me really want to try my best to help them. Also, they were the first group of younger people that I’ve met since I’ve come here. Since most people coming to the WFC are over 40, it was nice to talk to someone of my own age. Everyday it takes about 1 hour and a half to go back and forth, but I’d say the experience is totally worth the time and waking up at 6:30 in the morning. Everyone was extremely friendly, even some don’t speak perfect English and could only barely communicate—their smiles made me feel super welcomed. I’m always surprised at how fast they’re learning and how passionate they are for each class, of course one big reason was how funny and dedicated Mr. Ronald is, as a teacher and as a friend.

On the fourth weekend, I had the honor to be invited to join WFC’s board meeting. Since most of the board members don’t speak English, the meeting was mostly conducted in Japanese, and Barb was the translator for both me and Dannie. I also gave a self-introduction in Japanese which seemed to be impressive, so I’d say the Japanese crush course was actually really helpful! The meeting was conducted efficiently and it was amazing to just attend and listen to a meeting in Japanese!

I’m sure I’ll be back in Japan one day! For World Friendship Center, for all the friends I’ve made, for Okonomiyaki—my favorite food from Hiroshima, and of course, for so much more!


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Friendship Afternoon — June

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Intern Presentation by Mirabelle Chen
June 23(Sat) 1:30PM ~2:30PM
Place: WFC
Participation Fee: 500yen
Student: Free

I am Ziyao (Mirabelle) Chen. I was born and raised in China and am currently studying in the U.S. I’m a senior at Illinois Wesleyan University with a major in Accounting and a minor in French. 3 years ago I chose to come to Illinois Wesleyan University for its amazing accounting program, well-known professors, and small class sizes.

I’m here in Hiroshima as an intern at the the Freeman Asia Internship Program from my university. I’ve always loved to travel and to meet people from different countries. World Friendship Center is a place where people from all over the world meet and talk about peace. I am learning about the bombing in 1945, how the people dealt with that, and how they rebuilt Hiroshima into the beautiful city it is today.

2017 WFC Christmas Party

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Date: December 16, Saturday

Time: 1PM to 3PM

Place: WFC   

Participation fee: Free    

No present exchange



Peace Choir , Shin-chan’s show, Quiz,

Film:Martin the Shoemaker

Candle Service, etc

Please join us!

The Phoenix of Hiroshima

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Helen Jaccard of the Phoenix of Hiroshima Foundation will be giving a public presentation

Friday, December 15 at 2:00 p.m.

English with Japanese translation


The Phoenix of Hiroshima, a 50-foot, 30-ton yacht built by Miyajimaguchi boat builders for Dr. Earle Reynolds, is important in the post-war history of Hiroshima. After working as a scientific researcher in the ABCC project, Earle and Barbara Reynolds, two of their children, and a crew of three young Japanese men, set out for a round-the-world tour in 1954. As an act of protest, they sailed this boat into the Pacific Proving Ground (1958) used by the United States for the atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. Reynolds was arrested and put on trial for this protest. After his release, his familyABCC project, Earle and Barbara Reynolds, two of their children, and a crew of three young Japanese men, set out for a round-the-world tour in 1954. As an act of protest, they sailed this boat into the Pacific Proving Ground (1958) used by the United States for the atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. Reynolds was arrested and put on trial for this protest. After his release, his family sailed the boat back to Hiroshima. Barbara Reynolds became an outspoken advocate on behalf of Hibakusha and against nuclear weapons. She and citizens of Hiroshima traveled the world speaking out against nuclear weapons. In 1965, Barbara Reynolds started the World Friendship Center in Hiroshima as a way to carry on her work.


Several years ago the original Phoenix of Hiroshima was discovered underwater in the Sacramento River in California. Members of the Reynolds family and other interested parties established the Phoenix of Hiroshima Foundation to raise awareness of the history of this boat and to raise money to pay for the restoration of the boat.


World Friendship Center

8-10 Higashi Kan-on,
Nishi-ku Hiroshima, 733-0032 Japan

TEL 082-503-3191


Friendship Afternoon — October

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Date: October 28, 2017

Time: 1:30~3:30PM

Participation Fee: 500yen

Student: Free

Place: WFC

Dannie Otto, World Friendship Center co-director, will give a talk and slide presentation about his November 2016 study trip to Iran. During his trip he met with government leaders, religious leaders, university educators and students, as well as many people on the street. He will talk about Iran’s culture, religions and history as well as current challenges and opportunities facing the people of Iran.

There will be time for a Q & A.
All are welcome to attend. Please register in advance.
Please tell us by Oct 25 if you plan to join us.