2017 WFC Christmas Party

Date: December 16, Saturday Time: 1PM to 3PM Place: WFC    Participation fee: Free     No present exchange   Program: Peace Choir , Shin-chan’s show, Quiz, Film:“Martin the Shoemaker” Candle Service, etc Please join us!

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The Phoenix of Hiroshima

Helen Jaccard of the Phoenix of Hiroshima Foundation will be giving a public presentation Friday, December 15 at 2:00 p.m. English with Japanese translation   The Phoenix of Hiroshima, a 50-foot, 30-ton yacht built by Miyajimaguchi boat builders for Dr. Earle Reynolds, is important in the post-war history of Hiroshima. After working as a scientific researcher in the ABCC project, Earle and Barbara Reynolds, two of their children, and a crew of three young Japanese men, set out for a round-the-world tour in 1954. As an act of protest, they sailed this boat into the Pacific Proving Ground (1958) used by the United States for the atmospheric testing of nuclear…

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WFC Event August 6th, 2017

① Event at WFC Place: WFC Living Room ▶︎ 10:30AM~10:50AM Speech by WFC Director ▶︎ 10:50AM~11:00AM “Claw Marks of the Atomic Bombing” ‐overview of the A-bomb damage ▶︎ 11:00AM~12:00PM A-bomb survivor’s story by Emiko Okada (Translator: Kaori Kurumaji)   ② Event at Barbara Reynolds Monument ▶︎ 5:30PM Meeting Time for Singing Practice ▶︎ 6:00PM Start Song: Amazing Grace Short Speech by Michiko Yamane (WFC Chairperson) Song: Last night I had the strangest dream   ③ Floating Paper Lanterns Place: Children’s Peace Monument ▶︎ 7:00PM Meeting Time for Making Paper Lanterns Short Speech by WFC Director Song: Orizuru (Paper Crane) Lyric Writer and Composer: Shihei Umehara

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