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Bernd and Maggie Phoenix  (since August 2015 to July 2017)

Bernd and Maggie Phoenix are the current Directors of the World Friendship Center. They thank Brethren Volunteer Services (BVS) for placing them here to help spread the message of peace throughout the world.

Bernd comes from a Chemical Engineering background. He worked in a nuclear plant in Germany, but after the Chernobyl incident, came to the realization that nuclear energy cannot be safe. Bernd then worked as a Field Service Engineer for analytical instruments in Germany and the U.S.

Maggie is Japanese American. She spent some years in Japan as a child and she is happy to be living here once again. Maggie worked for over 25 years as an accountant in hospitals and other non-profit organizations. She feels that serving others is the type of work that is most satisfying.

In autumn of 2013, WFC sent a delegation of 16 individuals, the Peace Ambassadors Exchange (PAX) tour, to Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. Bernd and Maggie met with PAX members in New Mexico as they told their stories about the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and their wish for no more nuclear weapons. Out of those meetings was born the desire to come to Hiroshima to further the work for peace.

Maggie and Bernd moved to Hiroshima from Santa Fe, New Mexico. In Santa Fe, they were active in Santa Fe JIN, a Japanese cultural organization. They both enjoy learning about the cultures of different countries. Maggie and Bernd hope they will be able to bring people who come to the center a little closer in friendship. They are looking forward to working with what they hear is a great group of people in the Riji (Board of Directors), volunteers, and English language students.

Bilingual Office Staff:

Working Hours: 10:30~15:30
Tuesday~ThursdayNaomi Kurihara
Friday Miho Ikeda


Naomi Kurihara  (since February 2004)

Naomi provides the essential Office Staff functions including scheduling, reporting and serves as the coordinator for communications and operations.

Her many experiences include four years with a Hiroshima-based international translation organization as well as U.S based services: English as a second language education.

WFC Staff


Co-Director Bernd and Riji members
at he riji (board) meeting


Co-Director Maggie,
Riji members and two staff


Richard & Xinia Tobias

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